The Story of Little Village

After 10 years of community organizing led by Little Village residents, the city of Chicago has finally agreed to acquire 23 acres of the capped and cleared Superfund Celotex Clean Up site in Little Village in order to have a park built. Currently Little Village has been identified as an area deficient in 101 acres of open space according to the city’s own study. Substantial community input and investment not only brought about the designation of the parkland but informed the blueprints for the parkland design as well. Still, the community faces the following challenges in the months ahead:

  • How to broaden the number of residents who can provide input into the park’s construction and recreational use through an easy to use interactive tool.
  • How to maintain monitoring and oversight on city for accountability as park is being built and keep residents informed of the city’s progress in construction.
  • How to engage all of the community in planning park activities and events while keeping the park clea, safe, open and vibrant for all of its residents, especially its youth and families.
  • How to keep residents informed and connected to public policy decisions impacting their community and availability of open public land and urban gardens.

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