Mi Parque – Little Village

Mi Parque – Little Village is a bilingual participatory placemaking web and smartphone application that helps residents of Little Village ensure that their new park is maintained as a vibrant safe, open and healthy green space for the community.

Status of Development:  Mi Parque is currently seeking funding to move to a fully-open technology stack built on Python, Postgres/PostGIS and Open Street Maps. We will develop a community moderation console to replace the current Fusion Table moderation interface. A citizen journalism feature will be included in the new design allowing users to post and share text and media about breaking news in their neighborhood. Within six-eight months, with UI redesign, we aim to make the existing prototype into a robust, functioning application, ready for testing in Little Village.

Awards: In the Apps for Metro Chicago contest, Mi Parque is a Grand Challenge Winner (5th Place Overall), a 2nd place winner in the Community round of the Apps for Metro Chicago contest and recipient of the Placemaking Award sponsored by Metropolitan Planning Council and IBM! Congratulations to the residents of Little Village, the creative team behind Mi Parque, and to all our supporters! Mi Parque is a finalist in the Grand Challenge. Winners will be announced December 16th.

About Mi Parque
In 2014, Little Village will have a beautiful new 23 acre park that will transform the now capped Superfund Celotex site into a vibrant, open green space for all of our residents to enjoy and make our own. What is your vision for the future of Little Village’s new park? Do you have ideas about how to make this park and our other open spaces safer, greener and healthier places that meet community needs? Do you want a quick and easy way to receive current news, info, maps, alerts and volunteer opportunities about La Villita so you can help make it a better place to live?

Mi Parque is a bilingual app that allows you to do all of that through the web or your smartphone. You can submit and view ideas for improving the community, receive health, safety and weather alerts via text messages or through Facebook in Spanish or English. In the future, Mi Parque will allow you to submit video, photos and reports and share breaking developments instantly with your neighbors.

Ready to get started? If you have a Facebook account, it is easy to register. Join the Mi Parque community today.

Mi Parque iPhone Screenshot 1     Mi Parque Android Screenshot 1


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